Protect Our Drinking Water

Big problems for our water supply

Everyone deserves clean, safe drinking water. It’s one of our most fundamental rights.

Unfortunately, right now Gov. Pat McCrory is protecting polluters over the health of North Carolinians. Instead of working to make sure everyone has clean water to drink, he’s weakening protections for our rivers, lakes and other water sources. 

In 2014, we experienced a massive spill that dumped thousands of tons of toxic coal ash into the Dan River.

But that tragedy just illustrated a larger problem. In addition to the Dan River site, coal ash is stored at 13 other locations across our state. Every single one of those sites is leaking toxins into our wells and waterways.

Protect our drinking water — not polluters

Gov. McCrory’s administration is considering a plan that would let Duke Energy simply cover up a number of these leaking pits, instead of moving the coal ash away from our drinking water sources and safely storing the waste in dry-lined pits. 

Gov. McCrory should be protecting people, not polluters. That's why we're calling on him to clean up every coal ash pit across the state.

We’re asking folks to send an email to Gov. McCrory demanding him to move toxic coal ash away from rivers, lakes, and other drinking water sources. Tell the governor to protect our state's clean water.