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Investigating problems and crafting solutions.

Growing Solar in North Carolina. With plenty of technological know-how and twice as much sun as Germany, the world’s solar leader, North Carolina is perfectly poised for a dramatic growth in solar power. Our research report “Growing Solar in North Carolina” helped quantify our state’s potential of 700,000 solar roofs in the next 20 years. Our follow up study, “Working with the Sun,” showed how realizing that potential would curb pollution and create tens of thousands of jobs.


Educating the public and making our voices heard.

An energy-efficient N.C. Installing more efficient light bulbs and thicker windows are just a few of the ways North Carolinians can take steps at home to reduce energy consumption and our reliance on dirty energy.  Environment North Carolina Research & Policy Center distributed tips on how Tar Heels can plug into clean energy to more than 50,000 residents in 2011.